Pantiles Commemorative and Memorial Tree Planting Service

We offer a service for family, friends and work colleagues to supply and plant a specimen tree as a lasting tribute and permanent memorial. We can suggest a tree that would be suitable for the location that you h ave chosen or can often supply a specific tree should you already have decided.

Our expert planting teams can plant everything from a small sapling tree to a semi mature tree that will provide an instant feature at the location you have selected. We always plant with high quality materials so that every tree will quickly establish and flourish for many years. Flowering trees such as Prunus (Ornamental Cherry) or evergreen trees such as Acacia Dealbata (Mimosa) are popular choices that provide colour and have all year round interest. We also recommend native trees such as Quercus Robur (English Oak) which will mature to form large and impressive trees living for up to several hundred years.

Trying to find a suitable memorial for a loved one can be a difficult choice but if you decide a memorial tree is right for you let Pantiles take care of the selection and planting. We can also supply brass plaques and have a great selection of hardwood benches that are suitable for memorials. Please contact us for more details.