The BIG PLANT centre comes to Chertsey

Have you noticed the change? Since September we have started adopting the name: 'The BIG PLANT' centre @ Pantiles. Gradually over the coming months you will see this name appearing throughout the site and on our stationery. I am sure that some of you have wondered why we have changed our name. To reassure you we are not a new company and haven't changed ownership. We are still proud to call ourselves Pantiles, however we have noticed that many new customers are confused as to what products we stock.

In recent times we have re-focussed our product offering on what we do best and have always been known for: 'BIG PLANTS'. We were one of the pioneers of retailing BIG PLANTS to the retail customer and have continued to do so. This change has also coincided with our launch of our ecommerce site: Again you might ask why not stick with the original name however we believe that new customers are more likely to find our new site and once there will not be surprised to find that we sell what the label says: 'BIG PLANTS'.

Pantiles still provides a comprehensive Design, Landscape & Garden Management and Maintenance service and not surprisingly we are able to specialise although not exclusively on 'BIG PLANTS'.